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Easter Update

Time flies when you’re having fun eh?

As we popped corks, danced the night away, then blurry eyed and fuzzy headed turned the pages of our calendars, the advent of 2013 promised some great advances from us here at Decode.

The limitations imposed by reliance upon client work has been an issue in our minds for some time; there are only so many hours in a day after all, a small team can only ever achieve so much. The lure of self contained, self maintained apps and services has been huge, with not only an enticing recurring income waiting in the wings but also the prospect of being able to build on our accomplishments as opposed to treading the same ground with new jobs hitting the ever expanding to-do list.

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Total Git!

So, one afternoon a month or so back I had a brainwave. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. In theory it is a good idea. Unfortunately reality is proving a considerably more fickle bitch than I had hoped.

Git, it appears, really does live up to its name.

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Whether I would like to admit it or not, there are moments of my life I would like to forget; wretched flashes of memory buried under an avalanche of airy triviality that raid my conscious awareness without invite.

I have chosen not to believe in phobias. Irrationality, whilst one of the more heinously persistent of human conditions, is not an aspect of character I will allow myself to perpetuate. No matter how hard the universe tries to convince me to the contrary, I am at least in control of my response to circumstances that regardless of appearance, bear no residual malevolence. Which leaves me all the more confounded by my inability to deal with public speaking. Or more accurately, the fear of fear itself when confronted with the prospect of public speaking.

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